Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

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  • ?【ENJOY OUTDOORS THE WAY YOU PLANNED】 The Worst enemy that can ruin any outdoors trip is the lack of a good sleep, waking up cranky and angry after spending the night tossing and turning, not feeling enough cushioning on a thin lumpy or even deflated sleeping pad. THE GOOD NEWS is things like poor insulation, air leaking, thin padding mats, lumps and even punctures are now things of the Past
  • ✅【MOBILITY COMFORT AND WARMTH】 Gear Doctors Self inflating sleeping pad packs small as is 8*12 inch 2.1 lb Comes with it’s Carry Pouch easily fits in your bag unpacked Provide comfort 15% larger surface Than average we’re 74.6 inches long (6.2 ft)and 24 inches wide(not including the edges) with our 1.5 inch Thick Special Thermoinsulating Foam We could achieve an outstanding 4.3 R Value That makes it the perfectly insulated sleeping pad for Camping Hiking Fishing backpacking even in cold weather
  • ?‍?【LIFETIME WARRANTY】 In Gear Doctors we use the latest technology and test our product performance quality under extreme conditions To be able to offer you the Best Product As well our CUSTOMER SERVICE would be happy to hear from you, If you have any problem let us know and we will fix it from technical issues, to refund or replacement we are here to make sure you are 100% satisfied
  • ⭐【EASY INFLATION/DEFLATION】Gear Doctors Compact Sleeping Pad Comes With Premium NON-LEAK Valve, as soon as you twist it open, unroll the pad you’ll hear the air flowing in the open cell thermo foam ! a few simple buffs to top it up, once inflated it can hold air for days giving you the comfort of your bedroom, NEVER AGAIN worry about jagged rocks, uneven ground or air leaks during the night leaving you on a cold or hard ground during outdoor activity Which makes it a perfect gift idea too
  • ?【SUPER SMART OUTER SHELL】 From The touch of it you’ll get to tell the quality difference in Gear Doctors Being able to achieve Such quality with Exclusive Micro Coated 75D green Polyester to Give it not only Extra Strength but also UV, Mildew, hypoallergenic and water resistant as well make it Skin Friendly for toddlers kids and adults Offering you an Easy to clean, Durable and the maximum value for your dollars


  • Before we Created Gear Doctors Sleeping Pad we have done lots of research Tried different brands we couldn’t find the best combination of MOBILITY, COMFORT,DURABILITY,WARMTH AND PRICE We Traveled all way to South China visited the top 30 factories and learned about every detail in the manufacturing Process trying different kinds of materials and designs, You Might think like “It just looks like other sleeping pads” But HERE’S THE TOP REASONS WHY GEAR DOCTORS IS SPECIAL :- 
  • REASON #1: EXTRA SURFACE ! ?️ With 74.6 inches long and 24 inches wide Gear Doctors has 15% more surface Than other sleeping pads It means if you’re a back sleeper with wide shoulders or 6.2 ft tall your feet or shoulders won’t hang off the edge
  • REASON #2 : EXTRA INSULATION! ? We’ve tested different foam compounds before we stumble upon the Unique THERMOINSULATION foam technology with it we could achieve an outstanding R-Value of 4.3 Which prevents the ground from sucking the heat of your body to the cold ground if you camping in a cold weather
  • REASON #3 EXTRA CUSHION! ? 1.5-inch Foam padding gives you the comfort of your bedroom right in the outdoors no more sore hips or back even if you are a side sleeper you won’t feel the ground beneath, YES! Your hips will “LOVE IT”
  • REASON#4 BUILT TO LAST! ?️We have put together premium materials as padding valve and foam used the latest technology to both manufacture and test under extreme conditions, Now It’s up to you to follow the USER MANUAL for usage storage and cleaning and it will last a lifetime
  • REASON#5 WE GOT YOUR BACK! ? Piercing your Pad out there in the wild Could turn your make your trip Unpleasant we have included a “Repair kit” Really easy to use, so you always be prepared
    GIVE US 1% OF YOUR TRUST AND WE’LL EARN THE REST 99% Add to Cart NOW!! ? and if the product or service doesn’t meet your expectations we’ll offer 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE
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