5 Important Things To Do For Easier Camping Setup

5 Important Things To Do For Easier Camping Setup

We all like to go camping in order to unwind and be close to nature. However, if you do not take a few precautions, it can actually end up being a stressful experience. That is why you have to always plan in advance for the camping trip so that you can make sure that it is smooth sailing.

The bulk of the problem is often during the setup stage. If you’re not able to set up at the right location or if it takes too long to set up, the stress levels can certainly increase. We will today share with you 5 smart ideas which you can adopt in order to make the camping setup much easier suggested by our friends over at InvertPro who are keen campers.

1. Pack the gear in sequence:

The most logical thing to do is to pack the gear in proper sequence. You should follow last in first out. The equipment or the gear which you will need first at the campsite should be on top. That is why; it should be put last into the backpack. This will ensure that you are able to easily get the gear which you want first. When you are able to follow the last in first out principle, it will be very easy for you to have all the gear handy while you set up the campsite.

2. Pick the right camping spot:

The entire camping set up will be dependent on the spot which you choose for setting up your tent. You have to ensure that there is proper leveled ground. Ideally, the tent should be set up at the location which is higher as compared to the rest of the topography. This will allow you to stay safe in case of any floods as well. There should be a water source nearby so that you are able to gain access to water quite easily. If there is shade around that spot, that is a definite advantage. As you can see, there are quite a few factors to consider. This is the reason why you have to be pretty picky about the camping spot which you choose.

3. Use a tent which is easy to use:

Once you have zeroed in on the spot, it is important to set up the tent quickly. This will be dependent on the type of tent which you choose. You have to go through the instruction manual once at your home in order to ensure that the tent is easy to set up.

There are separate types of tents known as instant tents. These are waterproof and pop-up in design. You will not have to spend a significant amount of time setting them up. You have to prefer these tents to ensure that you are able to get the tent set up in no time at all.

4. Distribute the workload:

When you set up the campsite, if you are in charge of all the work that needs to be done, it can be a stressful experience for you. This will also take a lot of time in order to set up the entire tent. The best thing is to distribute the workload. When you distribute the workload, it will be very easy for you to get the entire site up and running in no time at all.

You can even give the easier tasks like unpacking the bags to the kids. This will ensure that your workload is distributed and the setup takes less time.

5. Create a proper food area:

You have to always designate a proper area for cooking as well as Food storage. You have to ensure that this is at a safe distance from the tent. In case, you camp in a forest consisting of bears, it is important to have bear-proof containers to keep your food. When the cooking area is far away from your tents, you can be sure that the fire will not impact your tents at all. Also when the food area is away from the tents, you can keep the rest of the space completely clean. While leaving, you will just have to clean a small amount of space which will require you very little time. Thus, it is important to designate a separate food area.

Thus, if you love camping but are tired of the tedious procedure, it is a good idea to follow these 5 smart ideas to make camping easier. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy the experience rather than just work yourself up in order to get the entire set up right.

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